Our Story

Your one stop shop for website design, development, and site management. We use the most up to date technology to develop our sites. Using Webflow and Shopify, we have nearly unlimited development capabilities. Whether you are looking to build a small website or an ecommerce site with hundreds of products, we have you covered.

Meet our team

We Build SEO-Optimized and Responsive Websites.

Dylan Davino
Aimee Ayson
Web Designer and Developer
Subham Gupta
Web Developer & Video Editor
Dylan Davino
Davino Digital was founded by Dylan Davino. Dylan grew up with the desire to become a successful entrepreneur. In middle school Dylan went door to door in local neighborhoods to shovel driveways and walkways after snowstorms. 

After studying engineering at Uconn, he quickly realized that this was not what he was passionate about. He has always excelled with technology, and during COVID he realized that having a high-quality website and social media presence is crucial for businesses. He set out on a mission to build a business from the ground up.

After almost two years into his first business, he struck out on his own and formed “Davino Digital”.

At Davino Digital, we are on a mission to help businesses upgrade their online presence by creating and managing their website and online presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the website when it’s complete?

The client owns the website when it is complete. When the site is launched, we’ll either transfer you complete ownership to the website, or if you’d like us to manage the website over the long term we’ll make any changes and updates for you. 

How long does it take to build a website?

The timeline varies depending on the scope of work. Our average project takes between 5-7 weeks to complete.

Can my website have booking and payment processing?

Yes, we can integrate 1000s of plugins and third party tools to enhance the functionality of your website. 

Can you build ecommerce websites?

Ecommerce is our speciality! We have built and managed ecommerce websites with hundreds of products, and sales nationwide. 

Still Got Questions?