At Davino Digital, our mission is to help business owners succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. We are experts in developing a personalized web experience for all kinds of businesses, from small family-run shops to large ecommerce brands.



🏠 Roofing Excellence with RSR Residential! 🛠️ We're thrilled to have helped Rob launch his new website, bringing his roofing business into the digital spotlight. With our expertise, Rob is already seeing an influx of new customers and couldn't be happier with the results. Ready to elevate your roofing experience? Connect with us today and let's build your online success story! 🌟🔨


🦁 We proudly built the Norwich Lions Club's website from the ground up, a project fueled by kindness and community spirit. Established in 1939, they've been a beacon of service in Southeastern CT for over 80 years.From founding the Connecticut Eye Research Foundation to aiding the visually impaired, their legacy is one of compassion. It's been an honor to revamp their online presence and support their noble endeavors. 🙌


Farmtrue is your one-stop shop for a range of Ayurvedic products, from "Ghee" to indulgent "Body Care" and "Face Care" lines. We collaborated to create a high-end custom website that not only beautifully showcases their brand using Webflow but also seamlessly integrates Shopify for an easy shopping experience. Embrace Ayurveda and order your favorite products with convenience at Farmtrue! 🌿🛍️🌟


🥂 Cheers to our latest project with Bootblack Brand! 🛍️ We gave their website a fresh look and supercharged its functionality by rebuilding it on Shopify. From enhancing the design to ensuring seamless user experiences, we've got your cocktail needs covered. Ready to shake up your online presence? Book a call with us today!


🏗️ Classey Construction, based in Southeastern CT, is your trusted partner for construction and remodeling needs. With years of experience and a skilled team, they've built a solid reputation in the industry. We proudly crafted their sleek new website and continue to keep it in tip-top shape, ensuring they shine online! 🌟


We recently launched a brand new website for Rose City Network, Norwich’s premier business networking group, with the mission to attract new members and provide valuable resources to current ones. 🌐✨. Visitors can now easily learn about the network's benefits, join meetings at the Holiday Inn Norwich every Wednesday, and access essential resources like forms, applications, and member portals. Check out the new site to see how Rose City Network is helping local professionals connect, grow, and succeed 🚀🤝.


We're excited to unveil our latest project: a comprehensive website revamp for Path2Self, a wellness center dedicated to health and fitness. Our enhancements included streamlining the navigation, optimizing the online store, and improving the site’s design and performance 🌐🚀. These updates make it easier for users to access Path2Self’s services, from personal training and therapy to yoga classes and holistic health products. Check out the upgraded site to explore their offerings and support your wellness journey 🛒💪.


We recently completed a website redesign for Schasteâ, a minimalist-style tearoom and crêperie based in Providence. This project was designed to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their Shopify site, aligning with owner Tony’s vision to expand their online presence. Our redesign focused on creating a more visually engaging experience that mirrors the unique and cultured atmosphere of Schasteâ. 🍵🥞✨


We recently enhanced the website for Soulita, a Providence-based skincare brand celebrated for its minimalist and holistic products. The updated site now offers intuitive navigation and a seamless user experience, making it easier for customers to explore and purchase their natural, healing botanical products. This revamp not only elevates Soulita’s online presence but also deepens the connection between users and the brand’s core values. 🌿💻


We are proud to collaborate with Jamie Corbman Photography, a brand that is dedicated to capturing the authentic essence of each moment and transforming it into a powerful visual narrative. Our work with Jamie Corbman Photography involves creating a digital space that reflects this dedication to storytelling through imagery, highlighting the importance of preserving real, raw moments in a way that transcends the visual and touches the heart. 📸💼


📦 Introducing EP Mail & Freight – Your East Providence Shipping Partner! 📮 We're excited to showcase our latest project, a brand-new website for EP Mail & Freight. From website creation to ongoing management and SEO, we're here to support their digital journey. With 21+ years of trusted service, they offer secure mailbox rentals, reliable shipping options, document services, and more!


🌸 Blooming Success with Bloom Back Flowers! 💐 We're proud to unveil the new website we designed and developed for Angela's premier florist services. Based in Providence, RI, Angela's floral creations are top-rated, and now her website matches the beauty of her blooms. Ready to bloom with us? Explore Angela's exquisite arrangements today! 🌺✨


🌍 Embark on a new journey with 'A Travel Path'! 🗺️ We're thrilled to unveil our latest project – a complete website redesign for Tyler and Hope, the adventurous souls behind this inspiring travel blog. Dive into their captivating story and get ready to be inspired to explore the world. Start planning your own adventure today!


We recently enhanced the Rotary Club of Norwich's website, infusing it with fresh design elements and improved functionality 🌐✨. Since 1920, this club has been a cornerstone of community service, and our updates aim to better showcase their impactful work, from local scholarships to global initiatives 🌍💖. The site now offers a more engaging user experience, making it easier for visitors to learn about, engage with, and contribute to the club's diverse projects 🤝🌹.


We gave ANOVA a digital makeover! 🌐✨ Explore our recent project where we transformed ANOVA's website. We enhanced its design, added informative service pages, and fixed technical errors to ensure it runs smoothly. But our work doesn't stop there! We'll continue to manage their website, providing ongoing support and improvements. Ready to elevate your online presence? Book a call with us today!


A&B Tree Service is your trusted partner for tree removal in Connecticut. With years of experience and a dedicated team, they offer professional, safe, and efficient tree removal services. We designed their new website and provide ongoing website management and SEO services to enhance their online presence. 🌳🌐🛠️


Giordano Restoration is Eastern Connecticut's top disaster restoration company, specializing in 24-hour emergency disaster recovery services. 🌟 They sought a custom website to attract new leads and clients, and in just 6 weeks, we delivered! Our site design has consistently generated multiple leads per month for Gary, leaving him thrilled with the results. 🏡💼🔥


Integrative Healthcare Associates is a respected medical practice in Connecticut, committed to delivering personalized and comprehensive healthcare services. 🏥👨⚕️ We took pride in creating their new website, enhancing their online presence to better serve their patients and community. 🌐✨


In Home Personal Trainers is a top-notch personal training company located in Eastern CT, led by the highly experienced Nigel Sealy. 🏋️♂️💪 Nigel specializes in tailoring personalized workouts delivered in the comfort of his clients' homes. 🏡✨We take pride in having built his website and continuing to assist with its management, ensuring a strong online presence for Nigel's fitness services. 🌐


⚖️ Kevin Wickless Law - Your Legal Advocate! 📚 We're honored to manage Kevin's website as he provides comprehensive legal representation. From family law to bankruptcy, business formation to divorce mediation, and more, Kevin is here to guide and protect your rights. Our website management services ensure that Kevin's expertise is easily accessible to those in need.


🛁 Bath Liners, LLC - Elevating Bathrooms Since 2005! 🚿 With over 15 years of expertise in acrylic solutions, they've been transforming bathrooms with style and functionality. We're proud to have crafted their new website, reflecting their commitment to excellence.


I Drive Driving Academy is on a mission to offer comprehensive driver education and behind-the-wheel training to both teenagers and adults. 🚗📚 They had a vision of a website that not only showcases their services and classes but also empowers site visitors to book appointments and make online payments with ease. 💻✅


At the Norwich Archery Club, our passion lies in sharing the art of archery with enthusiasts of all levels. 🎯We are proud to have designed and built their website, contributing to their mission of making archery accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 🌐🏹


Joan, the dedicated realtor, came to us with a clear vision – to craft a professional, user-friendly website that highlights her expertise and sets her apart in a competitive market. 🏡🌟 Her goal was simple: a visually captivating site, effortless navigation, and search engine optimization to attract new clients and generate leads. 🖥️


Welcome to Addison Village Dental, your destination for exceptional dental care in Glastonbury, CT. 🦷💫 We take pride in assisting with the management of their website to ensure a seamless online experience for patients. 🌐


Welcome to Classey Roofing, your go-to source for dependable roofing services in Westerly, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut. 🏠🔨 We are proud to have managed their website and conducted SEO to enhance their online presence and connect with more customers. 🌐


Understanding the criticality of maintaining an up-to-date and monitored online presence, we gladly took on the responsibility. Our team of dedicated experts ensures seamless website management for Jane Ryan Insurance, consistently making updates, monitoring performance, and providing reliable support, so they can focus on what they do best – delivering top-notch insurance services to their valued clients in Connecticut.


We had the privilege of partnering with Uncle D's Blazin' BBQ in Norwich to bring their love of food to the world. 🍔❤️ Through our collaboration, we created a website for Angy and her Comfort Catering service, making it easier for them to showcase their delicious offerings and serve a wider audience at events. We're proud to have built and continue to manage Angy's website, ensuring her passion for food and exceptional catering services shine online.


📚 Empowering Home Educators with Lisa's Resource Directory! 🏡 We're honored to partner with Lisa in managing and optimizing her website, dedicated to providing invaluable resources for the homeschooling community. From curriculum guides to educational tools, we're here to ensure every home educator finds what they need. Let's enhance your homeschooling journey together!


Welcome to Woombie, the go-to destination for safe and comfortable swaddles designed specifically for newborns and infants. 👶🍼 We take pride in having built this eCommerce website on Shopify, ensuring that parents can easily find and purchase these essential sleep solutions for their babies. 🛒💻


Victoria Gourmet is the ultimate source for exquisite herbs and spices that elevate your culinary creations. 🌿We've had the privilege of working with them to manage their website, ensuring that their online presence reflects their dedication to flavor and quality. 🌐


J Parsons Photography is a photography studio dedicated to capturing life's precious moments, from weddings and maternity to newborns and headshots. 📷💕 We had the privilege of building a website for Jessica and J Parsons Photography, ensuring that her exceptional photography services are beautifully showcased and easily accessible to clients. 🌐


From concept development to finished product, 5th Axis excels in designing, engineering, and fabricating working prototypes for a diverse array of products. 🛠️🔩 We had the opportunity to build a website for 5th Axis, helping them showcase their expertise and services to clients looking for top-notch prototype development.


The stylists at Clean Cuts Salon are not just experienced and knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about helping clients look their best. 💇 Clean Cuts Salon offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, styling, color, and keratin treatments. We are proud to have built a website for Clean Cuts Salon, enabling them to showcase their expertise and diverse services to clients seeking exceptional hair care and styling. 🌐💇♂️


Cosgrove ADR Services LLC is dedicated to facilitating fair, just, reasonable, and timely dispute resolutions for parties seeking resolution. We assist in managing their website, ensuring their commitment to dispute resolution excellence is well-represented online. 🌐⚖️


We specialize in producing hand-crafted sustainable hemp and CBD products that promote wellness, peace, and relief for you and your family. Our Hemp products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and free from artificial flavors or colors, reflecting our commitment to quality. We take pride in managing her Shopify eCommerce website and providing support for her email marketing efforts, ensuring that her premium hemp products reach and serve her valued customers. 🌿🛒


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